Time to rejuvenate

From a distance it had looked like a ray of light,
On getting closer he found it was a dark night.
The stars that had once seemed like hope distant,
Had all disappeared, were they too malevolent?

He took a deep breath in search of fresh air,
But it brought him deep despair.
All around him he could smell toxicity,
Washed away were all traces of simplicity.

A feeble nudge could get loyalties to sway,
Alas, there is no white, just black or then gray.
Seeking colorful and pleasant shades are no more aspired,
Dark, somber ones draped in illusionary lights are rather admired.

Lost was the feeling to together rejoice,
He instead felt, heads rising in malice.
This mass march towards name, fortune and fame,
With all this looked like a failure–so much in vain.

He thought it couldn’t be as late as fait accompli,
There was the time to still go out and try.
He closed his eyes and could see a spark,
On a self-cleansing journey, it was time to embark.

~ Seema Joshi